Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday Bento!

Today's bento was my first try at a simple school lunch bento, nothing hard, just a few Sandwich hearts, fruit leather kabobs, carrots, whole wheat goldfish, and soy yogurt.
Lemon curd hearts (4 per bento)
blueberry/pomegranate fruit things, (2 per box)
rasberry fruit thingies (2 per box)
strawberry/wild berry fruit kabobs (2 per box)
soy peach yogurt (1)
8 baby carrots per box
and a serving of whole wheat goldfish crackers ^_^

I'm hoping that this meal receives approval from my younger sister (she's part of my  bento lunch experience as well, because I need to make sure that the lunch is good to people besides just me.) but, as of tomorrow, we shall see!

Tuesday lunch post ought to be up on Monday night when I make the lunch.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely to behold and, I'm sure, tasty to eat! The experiment continues....