Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh hey, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!

Sooooo....  tomorrow's lunch is more fake burgers, with A1 steak sauce, win. and a whole apple, fit into the top container (that part took skill)

So I'm definitely addicted to my new 3DS. It is AWESOME. the Augmented Reality games are really neat! and i've been playing pokemon black nonstop since I started it this morning, it's quite fantastic! I picked Oshawott (this guy:
) as my starter, he's sorta like a very cute but... slow... otter looking thing. but all in all he's serving me very well as as starter pokemon, he's a water type, which, water/psychic types are my favorite, so that works well. Anyways, enough about videogames, I need to sleep! Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's lunch is not REALLY exciting, but, My new 3DS came in, and that WAS really exciting, so lunch kinda got backburnered until LATE tonight... sorry guys, i know, my writing should come first, but have you SEEN the tech on this thing!? the 3DS is really awesome! (thanks to my dad, who gave me mine as my birthday present) So I've been playing with the fun features on that all evening (in and around a trip to the fabric store, presanctified liturgy, choir practice, etc.) anyways, lunch!

Today, we have a mosaic cut of PB&J sandwich, some grapefruit slices, and shell shaped.. fudge poptart pieces. (I really REALLY like the chocolate fudge poptarts, I have no idea why, they're just really awesome. so I felt the need to treat myself to some due to the week seeming really long.)  anyways, new post tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday Bento again...

Soooo I've got Senioritis, so lunches are getting less fun looking, I apologize... I'll attempt to fix that in the next few days! tomorrow's lunch is pretty white looking, banana's, more sandwich cut outs, and some pocky ^_^

Yep.. Wednesday.. middle of the week. Rather dull... another update tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday Bento again

So I know this lunch looks a bit familiar, heart shaped sandwiches, apples, but there's something new here! Pocky! possibly one of my favorite Japanese snackifications. I eat it basically the entire weekend at Naka Kon, it's pretty epic.

anyways, I was craving sweet things again, so, apples, strawberry jelly with peanutbutter, and pocky, chocolate dipped biscuit crackerthingies. ^_^ yum!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday. again.

Tomorrow's lunch will involve lots of animal shaped foods:
Fish shaped crackers, chick shaped fruit leather pieces, bunny (supposedly) shaped hamburger bits... you can sorta see the bunny shape on the top right one.. the others kinda just look like mush. so that's a fail....
happy Monday everyone.... (yay for oxymorons. sorta like jumbo shrimp.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

because it's FRIDAY FRIDAY, gotta get down on FRIDAY!

Yes. I just made a Rebecca Black reference in my title XD XD I love the internet.. so much stupidity.
(btw, if you haven't been exposed to this yet... don't hate me:

So. Todays lunch was pretty good, different shapes do kinda make the fake burgers taste different.. idk, it was pretty good (and i'm STILL getting compliments on my lightsaber chopsticks!) Tomorrow's lunch will involve something new! Fake hotdogs! 

Fake Hotdog Flowers. yep... they're thicker than the fake meats, so it just looks like less, in truth they're just taller. and, as always, Ketchup.. not sure why, but I love the stuff (I basically count it as a vegetable by this point XD) 

Dark chocolate powdered almonds again, because Elena said they were a hit at her lunch table yesterday....

And my newest favorite snackish type thing: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter egg bites! they're like extra mini sandwiches, only more fun! (yes, it's lent, cut a girl some slack, i'm allowed some egg shaped things)

So that's tomorrow's lunch... you likely wont get a post tomorrow night, because i'm performing with Troupe Omega at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (COME SEE US!!!) see everyone next week! Andrea AWAY!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Thursday bento!

So, yesterdays lunch, mostly good, but the wheat cakes caused me to spit them out. not the best idea.

Todays lunch, involves fake burger butterflies, dark chocolate powdered almonds, and blueberry cakes:

And yes, the picture is VERY blue today.. not certain why... Anyways, I'm really sleepy, therefore, short early post, and early to bed. Ciao everyone!

Just a side note.

For those of you who read my blog and would like more randomness from me, my twitter is @EmeraldTigress, I also tweet when I post at night, so you can get an update automatically by following me on Twitter.. though I warn you now. I do use my twitter feed for more than blog updates, so you'll be listening in on whatever goes through my mind, but not extensively. Thanks! I'll be posting later tonight, as always.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday Bento week 4ish

So! Tomorrow's bento! butternut squash and brown sugar ravioli, (Many thanks to Presvitera Lois for this idea) wheat cakes (Aunt Chris, you rock) and grapes! Hooray!
So, what do you think of the color scheme? I've got the red and yellow wheat cake wrappers to go with the red and yellow pasta.. I found it quite amusing (it's also nearly midnight, so no surprise there)  

And, I would be a liar if I didn't live up to my word and mention that my twin managed to kidnap me for the first part of LoTR on Saturday afternoon (better, Peter?) and, I have to say, for all my nerdiness... I have not read or seen any of the series before that... Sooo.. It's looking pretty neat from what I've seen so far ^_^

See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday bento, week.. er.. 4?

So, sorry for not posting AT ALL during spring break.. I spent most of the week watching doctor who with either my best friend and twin Peter, (well, he's not actually my twin, but it's a running joke of ours) or my other best friend and boyfriend, Sam. (who, coincidentally, earned many many brownie points this weekend, more on that later)

I'm going to write about tomorrow's food first, and then I'll get to the fun stuff about spring break after, so that those of you who could care less about the author can get your food info and be on your way. ^_^
In tomorrow's bento box: mini seashell shaped spicy fake chicken bites, Peach gummies (from japan), and strawberries. I know it seems rather minimalistic, but I spent most of today being sick as a big dog as well as cleaning my room, so not really in the mood for food. I thoroughly expect Elena and myself, if I feel like it, to go buy some extra side dishes (I.E. veggies) in the cafeteria tomorrow.
So, there's tomorrow's lunch... now onto the spring break!

I spent Monday at Peter's house watching part of season 1 of Doctor Who, because I had already told him that's what was gonna happen over spring break, as we both stayed in town. Tuesday I had both Peter and Sam over to watch some more of season 1 (Sam and I are both BIG Doctor Who fans, so it was quite amusing..) and the rest of the week basically followed suit... except for Saturday, when I went to a cooking session in preparation for the Greek festival at my church. and Saturday night, which I spent watching Serenity (the follow up movie to the Firefly television show) with Sam. Sunday there was church (lots of it, always fun) and then vespers... after which (here comes the brownie points part of the story) Sam and I went to see Beastly (yes, it's a chick flick) because I asked him nicely, he went to see it with me (cue the "awww"s) and then today, I cleaned. a LOT. and was sick, which was no fun. but, tomorrow will be a new day! and I'll have to go back to school. ew. 

As long as I survive the next few months of school though, I'll be becoming a Jayhawk! That was officially decided this week as well. So I'd say I had quite an eventful spring break even without leaving the state ^_^ Thanks for bearing with me through this REALLY LONG POST. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Late weekend post

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of post on Friday night, I didn't end up making the bento until late late late, so I was just too tired to post. I ended up using more of the fake chicken for moon shaped chicken nuggets, dark chocolate roasted almonds, and fritos (yes, I was being lazy) Saturday the person who ate the other bento was Sam (my boyfriend) because he was awesome and  came to the robotics tournament to support me ^_^ (cue the "awww"ing)

Anyways, onto the part you've all been waiting for, how the robotics tournament went! Well, sadly, though our outreach program is stellar (if you haven't heard about my latest outreach project 'Laptops for Maniche', I'm raising money to send one hundred solar powered laptops to a school in Maniche, Haiti. This project is very near and dear to my heart, so anyone wishing to donate can contact me at  ...and seeing as I'm working on raising $25,000 any donations would be really really appreciated) but, continuing on, we did not win the Chairmans award. So no making it to nationals for us that way (and now we see why I needed the support, I'm head of outreach for my team, so my project failing to win like that was rather depressing)

Nor did we make it into the final rounds with our bot... our minibot worked, our bot ended up working by Friday,  but our deployment system for the minibot went to heck in a handbasket, and due to a number of unfortunate alliance members... we were too low of a seed to get picked in the final alliances (for those of you who have no idea what all I just said.. here's a link to the FIRST video explaining this years competition: )

So, to recap, my team, Sargon 2335, lost miserably, but, I ended up having an OK night anyways (again, thanks to the person mentioned at the beginning of the blog post) Today, I had to give my speech for the Saint   John Chrysostom Oratorical festival at my church (I made the topic into a fun one of Feminism in the Patriarchal Church Hierarchy of the Orthodox Church) I won second, meaning I do not have to compete in the Metropolis Level. suits me just fine ^_^

Finally, Have a wonderful Sunday of Orthodoxy everyone! I'll see you next week for another Bento session, after spring break!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Bento Week 2!!

So, not only will you get tonights post, but you'll likely get one tomorrow too! woo! 

Tomorrows lunch: 
Boca burger and potato shish kabobs, on heart shaped bread pieces with barbecue sauce on them, sliced apple, and whole wheat goldfish! again, i'll be having spaghettio's for dinner, it worked well today ^_^ 

Competition is going great, our bot is up and running, mini bot is working, and we're looking GREAT for our chances at nationals this year, fingers crossed!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday Bento week 2!

Tomorrows lunch, I had to check the box to make sure it was actually lenten, because I tried one.. and was certain it was actual chicken!
There are fake chicken hearts, and ketchup, crushed pineapple, and goldfish (bear with me, I was working with whatever looked good... which is kinda odd sometimes.)
Anyways, this, plus spaghettios (sometimes I regress to a five year old, I'll admit it...) will be my meals tomorrow, because there are no lenten options at the robotics tournament. last year I just ate fries all weekend, so hopefully having a healthier meal will be the ticket to having enough energy ^_^

next post tomorrow if I'm not too tired!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Bento week 2!

So, tomorrow's lunch: 
is... blurry. anyways, picture quality aside (note that all the pictures on my blog were taken with my cell phone.. yep, VERY high tech... not) tomorrow's lunch, looks like meat! and is actually a set of Boca Burger crescent moons ^_^ I've smothered them in BBQ sauce (carribean cowboy for elena, masterpiece original for me) some tomato slices with a little salt on them, rice (the same rice from making onigiri, because I'm cool like that) and blueberries! very healthsome and yummy!

By the way. due to the fact that the FIRST Robotics KC regional will be this weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Hale Arena, right next to Kemper arena in KCMO (yes, shameless plug. come see your favorite blogging geekgirl compete with her robotics team!!)

I may or may not get posts up, I'm really hoping to, but I'll likely be zonked, because the competition runs from REALLY early (this is coming from a girl who leaves for school at 7 AM, to give you some perspective) to REALLY late. So if not, you'll be getting a full update of the competition on Sunday, and likely find out if team 2335 Sargon makes it to Nationals this year!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday Bento week 2!

Tomorrow's lunch involves Unicorn shaped food, what could go wrong? I've revamped the idea of a bean wrap, putting the brown sugar and bourbon baked beans (woo! alliteration!) in two slices of bread, and using a unicorn shaped cookie cutter to cut it out (cookie cutters are the coolest contraption! more alliteration!) anyways, veggie cheese hearts, a unicorn sandwich, apples and carrots... simple, but yummy ^_^
Next post up tomorrow!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday Bento, week 2!

Tomorrow's lunch will be reviewed by Elena, because I'll be in the hospital for more tests, soooo.. likely wont be up for much reviewing. anyways, I'm trying my hand at Onigiri making! the ones in this lunch are filled with Red Bean Curd (possibly one of my FAVORITE FOODS EVER.) 
I put little Nori (seaweed) faces on them, because I find it amazingly cute. The one in the middle is supposed to be a ladybug, but, my hand shaping isnt so good. the other two were made with an Onigiri mold. Onigiri = rice ball, by the way. the rest of the lunch includes strawberries, blueberries, and carrots ^_^ so it's rather healthful, besides the massive amounts of rice...
Anyways, happy forgiveness Sunday everyone! have a great beginning of your Lenten season!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Bento!

TGIF tomorrow!!!! Today, I not only made a cute Bento, but I received the new chopsticks that I ordered at the same time as the bento boxes ^_^
My set (seen above) is Luke Skywalker's green 'saber, (the chopstick holder says "star wars" on it, it's pretty epic) and Elena's set is Darth Maul's red 'sabers (there's even magnets in the bases so that they can connect together! it's EPIC)

Anyways, onto the bento!
I know the picture is sideways (my computer and phone arent speaking to eachother right now, so this was a fun picture to transfer in a roudnabout way.) contained in tomorrows lunch are a pair of nutella and banana Initial Sandwiches, banana slices, whole wheat goldfish, baby carrots, and more yellow bell pepper slices (I really liked them today, so we're having a repeat) today's lunch is just simple (because it's friday tomorrow, so I'm being a bit lazy)

I may or may not post on the weekend.. I'm not certain how awake I'll be or what I'll have to talk about.. but, check back tomorrow, perhaps I'll post.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday Bento!

Yet again, rave reviews. I'm just gonna only talk about yesterday's lunch if I got bad reviews and decide not to suggest something to everyone, alright? Now then, today I decided to get a bit adventurous with more salty flavors rather than sweet as I've been working with.

In my BRAND NEW BENTO BOX!!! (yes, I'm excited about it, can you tell?) are two bourbon and brown sugar bean wraps, a veggie cheese star, (actually, it tastes just like regular american cheese, and has the same texture, VERY good for the purposes of regular cheese substitute) 5 apple slices (in descending size order.. because I'm just kinda OCD that way) and 4 yellow bell pepper slices.

this lunch is a bit heartier, because Elena has things to do after school today that won't allow her time for an afterschool snack. The amount of protein in the bean wraps is 7 grams (1/5th of the can) so that's about as much as your average PBJ sandwich, without all the added sugar of the jelly. (and without the tendency to stick to the roof of your mouth.)

Anyways, sorry for the late post, but I was running a bit late tonight anyways due to homework and choir practice and sewing projects. (yes, I'm behind in most all of my projects, it's common knowledge)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday Bento!

Yet again, I was granted a good review of the lunch today. Especially the pinwheels, which I myself liked quite a bit as well!

Tomorrows lunch will involve crescent moon shaped sandwiches, filled with almond butter and blackberry jelly. Cucumber slices, baby carrots, and kiwi slices, all in sets of three (not sure why, just seemed like the thing to do). in the snack compartment we have coconut milk flavored rice crackers.

As a side note: I normally drink V8 fruit juice with my lunch, and Elena normally drinks milk.

I am Lactose intolerant, so i have to pick my juice by the calcium and vitamin D content.. so not having much dairy (or any, depending on the day) in my diet is not too foreign to me, making the transition to lent a bit easier.