Thursday, April 14, 2011

FRIDAY BENTO!!!! End of the week before holy week!

O_O So, I logged into the stats counter for the views today.. and realized that the HUGE spike that I saw was an 89 viewer spike earlier this evening! It was absolutely ridiculous! you've officially made my blog feel read ^_^ it's much appreciated. 

Assassins update: Still not out... Still haven't taken out my target. Kinda dull, but, it's a Thursday, what do you want from me? Anyways, Food! I didn't end up eating the snackish things in the bottom compartment, so i just shook that up and now have almondsandgoldfish. but I have a new main dish in the top compartment... that looks really smushy and such: 

It's veggie lasagna! we'll have to see how this turns out.....

Anyways, I NEED SLEEP. goodnight everyone!


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