Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday Bento, week before holy week

WOW. I came back to my laptop this evening to find a 49 page view spike, followed by a 25 page view spike an hour later! Never again do I underestimate my readers, I apologize if I offended any of my more faithful readers with my remarks last night, I love you guys! now then! onto the food:

I do believe I was feeling sort of angular today... I've got squareish mini waffles (with syrup!) and angular prismal apple slices, covered with peanut butter for protien (I appreciate the breakfast for lunch idea as much as the next girl, but as it's lunch, I need brain food to get me through AP Psych.)

Oh! and an update! I'm still in Senior Assassins! I have yet to eliminate my target, she's rather elusive, but my first assassin and second assassin have both come after me.. neither succeeded ^_^ the first was rather daft about it, running up to my car and yelling through the window "get out of the car!" multiple times and wasting his water gun ammo on my window... (my reply: "not on your life") but the current assassin, who took out the first and then had his target, was quite a bit more stealthy, and if I weren't completely paranoid on a good day (senior assassins only aggravates it) he might have gotten me. but, at the very least, he was courteous when he realized I wasn't going to leave my car to get squirted.

and there's your post! 

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