Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Next Monday Bento

Sooo.. awesome weekend was awesome, got lots of quality time with my BF, played on my 3DS, all around good things! But, now it's time to prepare for school tomorrow.. which means, BENTO! Tomorrow's lunch isn't that creative, just yummy, i'll be going shopping sometime in the next week for more fun things to put in my bento (fun.. and easy, because i'm growing lazier as lent goes on) anyways. 
carrot pieces.. healthy, pbj rectangles.... healthy..ish. aaaand french fried onions. total snackification unhealthiness. nope, i'm not craving salt at all * sarcasm* so, anyways, if anyone has any lunch suggestions, or things to put in lunch suggestions, give me some comments! i could use the ideas (as you've probably seen, due to the recent influx of sandwiches) thanks! 

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