Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuesday Bento

So! I went shopping! aaand then got distracted playing with my new watergun.. Fully automatic, and with an extra tank of ammo ^_~ I looooove it. Anyways, there's veggie chicken nuggets now! in chicken nugget shape! so I decided to play around with that, and with an idea given to me by my aunt Cheryl! She suggested mini cupcake liners as ketchup holders, so i'm going to give it a shot ^_^

also, FAIL. I didn't leave enough room to work with on the counter today, so you get a lovely picture including my striped socks (matching for once!) and part of my laptop! (yes, the left click key IS that worn, I do live online you know!) as you can see, ketchup in mini cupcake liners (i looove ketchup!) and chicken nuggets (i had to cut one up because it was too big to fit in the box otherwise) aaaand, honey flavored whole wheat goldfish crackers! It'll be a good lunch ^_^


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