Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wednesday Bento week before holy week

I officially take back what I said about my new assassin, he had me treed like a 'coon for 45 minutes this morning! I  ended up being late to school because of it... but, after some geometry and sneakiness, I shot him over the back fence.... All of this morning's antics were enough to make some people bet on me to win... and enough to make me tired of this game. I played cat and mouse for 45 minutes, just to gain my 20 minutes of not being chased by shooting him. and I'm betting he'll be back tomorrow. This will get old REALLY fast. Anyways, more on that tomorrow. 

Now, food!

you're going to see a repeat of the main dish in this lunch because I really liked it the first time around. I've brought in another box of the fake meat barbecue ribbets because they were really good. (and 18 grams of protein in one sitting) I've also put a bunch of dry cereal snackish type things in the top compartment today because I have my odd hours today, which means I have third lunch, and need something to snack on in my 5th hour class so I don't get hungry before lunch. but, I'll save my rant on the school's ridiculous schedule for another day.

Cereal wise we have cinnamon toast crunch, cheerios, and the three types of goldfish cookie/crackers (I know they aren't ceral, but they're snackish, and I can munch on them without being a distraction in class)
and then the 18 grams of protein that tastes like barbecue ribbet in the bottom compartment ^_^ 

There's your post!

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