Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday of holy week bento

Well, Assassins is over now. As I was going to be out anyways for not getting my target, I allowed my Assassin to shoot me, as it's better that he gets the point for taking me out and gets closer to winning then my having played meaning nothing ^_^ 

Secondly, tonight's holy Monday service was fantastic... I started out the evening by looking at my holy week book, and realizing that I've had it since I was ten, I'm eighteen now, and expected to be an adult. It was an odd realization for me, because it truly does not feel like it was 8 years ago that I was actually old enough to have my own holy week book. Pascha has been my favorite holiday for a long time, not only because it breaks the long Lenten fast (BACON!) but because it's a celebration of  Christ's resurrection. My dress for Holy Saturday is long and white, in celebration of Christ rising from the tomb on the third day, and raising the dead as he does. It is the happiest time of the year, and even if my Pascha does not often fall on the same weekend as American Easter, it is still the largest celebration of my year. (and yes, we do roast lamb on a spit, it's pretty amusing)

So! Onto the food!

Noah's Ark themed lunch today!
we have ark shaped waffles, and I got a lion and giraffe for my sausage shapes (Elena got a bear and an elephant)  and then we have mixed veggies again, because I'm in a veggie mood!

There's your post!

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