Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Blog Post

Today is Good Friday!
Warning: gonna be kinda wordy and serious for small parts, buuut you'll get my commentary in the parentheses as we go, got it? good.

We mourn the crucifixion of of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:
His humiliation at the hands of the roman guards, the crown of thorns, the purple robe, the lashings, and his crucifixion were all read out in the twelve gospel readings of last night, (tl;dr.... REALLY LONG SERVICE)
and then father brought out the icon of Christ on the cross:

Today, after lots of sleeping (and not having to wake up for school, WOOT!) we got to celebrate the Hours services, in which we reread the gospels about the crucifixion etc (a bunch) and during the last one, we get to read the beatitudes! (warning, godspell clip incoming!)
Tonight, we'll have the friday night vigil service, and then the Good Friday retreat, in which the teens stay up until REALLY early doing stuff to make the church ready for the Saturday night service. and then chant the Saturday morning service. 

Just something random, my favorite Icon in my church: 
It's the "dome" icon, but we don't have a dome, so it's flat, but it's been my fave icon since i was little.

Anyways, now, to do english homework! (just because i'm out of school doesnt mean i'm out of homework)

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