Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday bento the week before holy week

WELL! I feel pretty smart right now, I've moved stuff around so that I can get my car halfway into the garage, and not have to leave the garage to get in. Thus eliminating basically any chance my assassin has of taking me out. So that's pretty win! Now I just have to figure out how to get my target.... 

Another tactic I've used this week is the "stay away from the house for long enough after school that your assassin gets bored" I spent most of Tuesday afternoon at my boyfriend's school hanging out with him and some of his friends. Besides my random dentist appointment, of course, at which I found out that I'm an anomaly and do not have any wisdom teeth. at all. meaning I don't have to get them out! Hooray!

And now for the food!

Tomorrow we'll be having Alfredo, with Shrimp, Broccoli, and Peas (I dug one of the shrimp up from the middle so you can see that I'm not fibbing)  some Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds... and more of the goldfish crackers. I do believe it's becoming an addiction, but they're just so good!  

OH! and another treat for you all... a picture of my official prom dress that I made in sewing this semester. (Sam asked me last week ^_^ In a really creative and nerdified way, meaning it was perfect. Also meaning that I'm allowed to start getting excited for prom)

I know it's not the best picture at the moment, but, the neck piece is woven ribbon, and it's about ballet length, I'm wearing the same Cinderella shoes I wore to homecoming, so I'll be pretty comfy in those... The dress itself is based off of the snowflake costumes from The Nutcracker... I had to alter the pattern a few times to get the look right (and believe you me, three layers of fabric for each piece sewn is much harder then it looks. I'm officially proud of this dress ^_^ )

So there's your post! 

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