Thursday, March 24, 2011

because it's FRIDAY FRIDAY, gotta get down on FRIDAY!

Yes. I just made a Rebecca Black reference in my title XD XD I love the internet.. so much stupidity.
(btw, if you haven't been exposed to this yet... don't hate me:

So. Todays lunch was pretty good, different shapes do kinda make the fake burgers taste different.. idk, it was pretty good (and i'm STILL getting compliments on my lightsaber chopsticks!) Tomorrow's lunch will involve something new! Fake hotdogs! 

Fake Hotdog Flowers. yep... they're thicker than the fake meats, so it just looks like less, in truth they're just taller. and, as always, Ketchup.. not sure why, but I love the stuff (I basically count it as a vegetable by this point XD) 

Dark chocolate powdered almonds again, because Elena said they were a hit at her lunch table yesterday....

And my newest favorite snackish type thing: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter egg bites! they're like extra mini sandwiches, only more fun! (yes, it's lent, cut a girl some slack, i'm allowed some egg shaped things)

So that's tomorrow's lunch... you likely wont get a post tomorrow night, because i'm performing with Troupe Omega at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (COME SEE US!!!) see everyone next week! Andrea AWAY!!!

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