Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thursday Bento!

Yet again, rave reviews. I'm just gonna only talk about yesterday's lunch if I got bad reviews and decide not to suggest something to everyone, alright? Now then, today I decided to get a bit adventurous with more salty flavors rather than sweet as I've been working with.

In my BRAND NEW BENTO BOX!!! (yes, I'm excited about it, can you tell?) are two bourbon and brown sugar bean wraps, a veggie cheese star, (actually, it tastes just like regular american cheese, and has the same texture, VERY good for the purposes of regular cheese substitute) 5 apple slices (in descending size order.. because I'm just kinda OCD that way) and 4 yellow bell pepper slices.

this lunch is a bit heartier, because Elena has things to do after school today that won't allow her time for an afterschool snack. The amount of protein in the bean wraps is 7 grams (1/5th of the can) so that's about as much as your average PBJ sandwich, without all the added sugar of the jelly. (and without the tendency to stick to the roof of your mouth.)

Anyways, sorry for the late post, but I was running a bit late tonight anyways due to homework and choir practice and sewing projects. (yes, I'm behind in most all of my projects, it's common knowledge)

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