Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Bento!

TGIF tomorrow!!!! Today, I not only made a cute Bento, but I received the new chopsticks that I ordered at the same time as the bento boxes ^_^
My set (seen above) is Luke Skywalker's green 'saber, (the chopstick holder says "star wars" on it, it's pretty epic) and Elena's set is Darth Maul's red 'sabers (there's even magnets in the bases so that they can connect together! it's EPIC)

Anyways, onto the bento!
I know the picture is sideways (my computer and phone arent speaking to eachother right now, so this was a fun picture to transfer in a roudnabout way.) contained in tomorrows lunch are a pair of nutella and banana Initial Sandwiches, banana slices, whole wheat goldfish, baby carrots, and more yellow bell pepper slices (I really liked them today, so we're having a repeat) today's lunch is just simple (because it's friday tomorrow, so I'm being a bit lazy)

I may or may not post on the weekend.. I'm not certain how awake I'll be or what I'll have to talk about.. but, check back tomorrow, perhaps I'll post.

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  1. It's all fabulous, Andrea, don't worry. Love the chopsticks. Good idea with the nutella and bananas.