Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh hey, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!

Sooooo....  tomorrow's lunch is more fake burgers, with A1 steak sauce, win. and a whole apple, fit into the top container (that part took skill)

So I'm definitely addicted to my new 3DS. It is AWESOME. the Augmented Reality games are really neat! and i've been playing pokemon black nonstop since I started it this morning, it's quite fantastic! I picked Oshawott (this guy:
) as my starter, he's sorta like a very cute but... slow... otter looking thing. but all in all he's serving me very well as as starter pokemon, he's a water type, which, water/psychic types are my favorite, so that works well. Anyways, enough about videogames, I need to sleep! Ciao everyone!

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