Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's lunch is not REALLY exciting, but, My new 3DS came in, and that WAS really exciting, so lunch kinda got backburnered until LATE tonight... sorry guys, i know, my writing should come first, but have you SEEN the tech on this thing!? the 3DS is really awesome! (thanks to my dad, who gave me mine as my birthday present) So I've been playing with the fun features on that all evening (in and around a trip to the fabric store, presanctified liturgy, choir practice, etc.) anyways, lunch!

Today, we have a mosaic cut of PB&J sandwich, some grapefruit slices, and shell shaped.. fudge poptart pieces. (I really REALLY like the chocolate fudge poptarts, I have no idea why, they're just really awesome. so I felt the need to treat myself to some due to the week seeming really long.)  anyways, new post tomorrow!

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