Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday Bento!

Yet again, I was granted a good review of the lunch today. Especially the pinwheels, which I myself liked quite a bit as well!

Tomorrows lunch will involve crescent moon shaped sandwiches, filled with almond butter and blackberry jelly. Cucumber slices, baby carrots, and kiwi slices, all in sets of three (not sure why, just seemed like the thing to do). in the snack compartment we have coconut milk flavored rice crackers.

As a side note: I normally drink V8 fruit juice with my lunch, and Elena normally drinks milk.

I am Lactose intolerant, so i have to pick my juice by the calcium and vitamin D content.. so not having much dairy (or any, depending on the day) in my diet is not too foreign to me, making the transition to lent a bit easier.

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