Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Bento week 2!

So, tomorrow's lunch: 
is... blurry. anyways, picture quality aside (note that all the pictures on my blog were taken with my cell phone.. yep, VERY high tech... not) tomorrow's lunch, looks like meat! and is actually a set of Boca Burger crescent moons ^_^ I've smothered them in BBQ sauce (carribean cowboy for elena, masterpiece original for me) some tomato slices with a little salt on them, rice (the same rice from making onigiri, because I'm cool like that) and blueberries! very healthsome and yummy!

By the way. due to the fact that the FIRST Robotics KC regional will be this weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Hale Arena, right next to Kemper arena in KCMO (yes, shameless plug. come see your favorite blogging geekgirl compete with her robotics team!!)

I may or may not get posts up, I'm really hoping to, but I'll likely be zonked, because the competition runs from REALLY early (this is coming from a girl who leaves for school at 7 AM, to give you some perspective) to REALLY late. So if not, you'll be getting a full update of the competition on Sunday, and likely find out if team 2335 Sargon makes it to Nationals this year!

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