Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday bento, week.. er.. 4?

So, sorry for not posting AT ALL during spring break.. I spent most of the week watching doctor who with either my best friend and twin Peter, (well, he's not actually my twin, but it's a running joke of ours) or my other best friend and boyfriend, Sam. (who, coincidentally, earned many many brownie points this weekend, more on that later)

I'm going to write about tomorrow's food first, and then I'll get to the fun stuff about spring break after, so that those of you who could care less about the author can get your food info and be on your way. ^_^
In tomorrow's bento box: mini seashell shaped spicy fake chicken bites, Peach gummies (from japan), and strawberries. I know it seems rather minimalistic, but I spent most of today being sick as a big dog as well as cleaning my room, so not really in the mood for food. I thoroughly expect Elena and myself, if I feel like it, to go buy some extra side dishes (I.E. veggies) in the cafeteria tomorrow.
So, there's tomorrow's lunch... now onto the spring break!

I spent Monday at Peter's house watching part of season 1 of Doctor Who, because I had already told him that's what was gonna happen over spring break, as we both stayed in town. Tuesday I had both Peter and Sam over to watch some more of season 1 (Sam and I are both BIG Doctor Who fans, so it was quite amusing..) and the rest of the week basically followed suit... except for Saturday, when I went to a cooking session in preparation for the Greek festival at my church. and Saturday night, which I spent watching Serenity (the follow up movie to the Firefly television show) with Sam. Sunday there was church (lots of it, always fun) and then vespers... after which (here comes the brownie points part of the story) Sam and I went to see Beastly (yes, it's a chick flick) because I asked him nicely, he went to see it with me (cue the "awww"s) and then today, I cleaned. a LOT. and was sick, which was no fun. but, tomorrow will be a new day! and I'll have to go back to school. ew. 

As long as I survive the next few months of school though, I'll be becoming a Jayhawk! That was officially decided this week as well. So I'd say I had quite an eventful spring break even without leaving the state ^_^ Thanks for bearing with me through this REALLY LONG POST. 


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